OMRON PLC Programming cable

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USB-CIF31:USB to RS232 adapter(standard DTE interface) with LED
Convert cable from USB to RS232(standard DTE interface).1 meter,with communication indicator,support traditional RS232 PLC prgramming cables. Summary: USB-CIF31 is the real USB to RS232 int..
FS-CN226+, isolated CS1W-CN226,RS232 cable for Omron PLC Program
FS-CN226+ photoelectricity-isolated Omron PLC programming cable manual     FS-CN226 + programming cable is the conversion cable from RS232 to Omron PLC peripherals interface, the..
XW2Z-S002,RS232 programming adapter for Omron PLCs
the connection cable between Computer RS232 interface and RS232 interface of Omron PLC or Omron touch panel,2 meters Made by us,OEM compatible one,but the quality is 100% guaranteed,1 year warr..
USB-XW2Z-200S:USB/RS232 programming cable for Omron PLCs
USB-XW2Z-200S:USB/RS232 interface,cable for Omron PLC Programming,3 Meters,RS232 interface with communication indicator. Summary: USB-XW2Z-200S is the programming cable in which USB interfa..
FS-CN226: correspond to CS1W-CN226,RS232 PLC programming cable for CS/CJ , CQM1H , CPM2C series
Correspond to Omron CS1W-CN226,RS232 interface Omron PLC programming cable directly for Omron CS/CJ , CQM1H , CPM2C series PLC.No need to be switched over by CS1W-CN114,  2.5 Meters. ..
FS-CIF13:equal to Omron CPM1-CIF11/CPM1-CIF12,the Peripheral port and RS232 to RS422/485 interface module for Omron PLC,It can directly use for CS / CJ, CQM1H, CPM2C series PLC
  FS-CIF13 Manual FS-CIF13 is the Peripheral port  and RS232 to RS422/485 interface module for Omron PLC. Its function includes and even surpass Omron CPM1-CIF11 (peripheral port ..
FS-CIF11:compatible with CPM1-CIF11/CIF12,the Peripheral port and RS232 to RS422/485 interface module for Omron PLC,It can use for CPM1A/2A,CQM1,C200H α etc series PLC
The Instruction for Use of FS-CIF11     FS-CIF11 is the peripherals port  and RS232 to RS422/485 interface module that is developped for Omron PLC . Its functions inclu..
Correspond to Omron CQM1-CIF02/01,RS232 PLC programming cable for OMRON CQM1,CPM1, CPM1A, CPM2A,C200HS,C200HX/HG/HE,SRM1 series,3 meters   ..
USB-CN226:USB adapter for CS/CJ,CQM1H,CPM2C series PLC
Summary:     USB-CN226 is the programming cable in which USB interface provided both the serial connection and RS232 signal conversion. Under the control of computer-driven..
USB-CIF02:USB PLC programming  Cable for Omron  CQM1,CPM1, CPM1A, CPM2A,C200HS,C200HX/HG/HE,SRM1 series
USB- CIF02:USB interface Omron series PLC programming cable,with communication indicator,cable connection between CQM1,CPM1, CPM1A, CPM2A,C200HS,C200HX/HG/HE,SRM1 series PLC and the computer. After..
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